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National SEO

National SEO

How To Rank High with Search Engines for your domestic market?

Search marketing is very wide. You have global, multilingual, local and Social SEO. Let’s look into national SEO!

Browsing these blog pages, entrepreneurs will find out, what the differences are between Global SEO vs Local SEO vs Social SEO. What is national SEO all about?

  1. While you have to bear in mind social signals are key to your search ranking, going national will help you reach more prospects, more customers in more cities and regions.
  2. National search marketing will be based on generic keywords and phrases. Geography will be not be the focus of the SEO campaign.
  3. In today’s complex world, data is aggregated on search engines like Google or Bing. How to come on top in Google search results? There is no easy answer.
  4. There are dozens of ranking aspects in the latest Google algorithm called the “Fred Update”. The change impacted low-quality content that is not focused on readers.

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National SEO Services

What does Googlebot expect you to Publish?

You now know that quality content for people (not bots) is a prime SEO factor. The launch of Google RankBrain with artificial intelligence is to increase the importance of relevant and informative content.

What is Googlebot? and  What is Google RankBrain? 

Here is a quick Google SEO Ranking checklist for you to better understand:

  • Your domain name: length, extension & SSL certificate,
  • Domain name web authority,
  • Quality & trustworthiness of your backlinks,
  • Pertinence of your inbound & outbound links,
  • Site mobile friendliness,
  • Website performance: speed page and user experience,
  • Server performance,
  • On-page keywords, content, SEO tags and website structure,
  • Social signals,
  • Engagement and traffic,
  • Brand awareness both online and offline…

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National SEO Services

At the heart of Search Marketing with our Guide!

Search engine optimization is a challenge, as many variables will impact your results.

Here is a SEO to-do list with 17 items:

  1. Select the right hosting service with a good server configuration,
  2. Make sure your domain name is using https,
  3. Mobile user experience is essential,
  4. Avoid 404 pages and duplicate content,
  5. Work very hard on your keyword analysis,
  6. Think about your menu structure and naming,
  7. Using breadcrumbs is a must,
  8. Write attractive titles and quality content,
  9. Content publishing must be regular and fresh,
  10. Optimize all your images and videos (naming, weight, size),
  11. Each webpage must its own SEO tag and keywords: title, description and page name,
  12. Make full use of headings in your content (H1, H2, H3, H4…),
  13. Your permalinks must be very clean and not too long,
  14. Do NOT change your permalinks,
  15. Your content must be sharable,
  16. Take action on pertinent social media networks,
  17. Social signals are part of SEO in 2017.

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