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Keyword Research Services

Keyword Research for Higher Google Ranking?

Keyword researches are designed to get you higher ranking in search engines. This is not 100% true!

Running a keyword research is a long and tedious job, but this is really worth it. The deliverable is a comprehensive analysis on Excel including:

  • Primary and secondary keywords,
  • Long tail,
  • Top hashtags used in your niche,
  • Most important social influencers in your market segment…

How to conduct a winning keyword research? 7 items to consider:

  • Brand terms,
  • Audience terms,
  • Complementary and contextual terms,
  • Substitute terms or synonyms,
  • Competitor keywords and catch phrases
  • Product terms,
  • Service terms…

With all these put together, you will get the ideal conversion of keyword combinations & phrases.

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Keyword Research Services

Brainstorming vs Tools in Keyword Research

In 2017, the internet runs on web psychology. From the most basic online behaviors to complex e-commerce attitudes, fundamentals must be explained to customers for a better understanding.

Here are 10 things to take into consideration:

  • Personality psychology,
  • Cross-cultural psychology,
  • User experience,
  • Social psychology,
  • Marketing angles,
  • Cognitive psychology,
  • Behavioral economics,
  • Neuroscience,
  • Persuasive technologies,
  • Web authority…

UI, Images, colors, UX, navigation, contrast and words are essential items, when it comes to web psychology. Brainstorming and tools must be used both in your keyword research for higher Google ranking in SEO results.

In short, brainstorming with your management and team is key!

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Keyword Research Services

Keyword Suggestion Tools and Trends

Let’s review some must-have keyword suggestion tools!

Some of the major keyword tools are listed below:

Our favorite keyword tool is Yoast Suggest, because it gives you more in-depth information for free. However, the most impressive keyword tool to use is Google Keyword Trends.

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Are you ready to start your keyword analysis? Do you have any tips to share with us?

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Keyword Research Services