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Link Building Techniques for SEO

How To Link Building in 2017

Is link building dead? Of course not, it is amongst the top SEO ranking factors. However, quality content comes first.

The idea behind this blog post is to give you a comprehensive overview, so that you can assess how to run your digital transformation.

Step-by-step process for building high-quality links to boost your search rankings in Google:

  1. Fundamentals
  2. How to get high-quality links
  3. Guide to content marketing
  4. Reach out to the world
  5. Do not got for Black hat links
  6. SEO and Link Strategies
  7. Proven Techniques for quality links

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Link Building & SEO Techniques

Download the PDF version : Quick Link Building Guide 2017>>

Search Engine Programming

Search Engine Programming is the latest Digital Bullshit on the web. SEO does not require any programming skills!

Search Engine Programming – as “so-called experts” call it – is all down to strategy, business model, qualified audience, influencers, prescribers, quality content and good services. All of this will build your brand-awareness, credibility and domain authority.

Link building does NOT involve Search Engine Programming. It is marketing best practices applied to the internet with common sense.

Search Engine Programming simply does NOT exist and never existed!

SEO Programming is the latest bullshit on the web! Click To Tweet

Link Building & SEO Techniques

Link building vs Backlinks

What’s the difference between link building and backlinks? None, this is the same!

In short, backlinks are the result of link building. The true question is how to build a nice network of quality backlinks to your website.

What to know!

Backlinks are the result of marketing and communication.

Link building is down to content and people (or) people and content. Getting the right information to a qualified audience of influencers, prescribers and mainstream media will generate backlinks. However, you have to build you credibility in the market and authority.

This is business as usual!

  • The better your services are,
  • The better your digital content is,
  • The more quality backlinks you will get,
  • The higher your SEO rankings will be!

Getting qualified influencers and prescribers on board is the trick. It is a long process, that always pays off – whatever your business size and industry.

How to Define a Quality Backlink

Backlinks are at the forefront of your web marketing plan of action.

As we stated in our last SEO Minutes blog post, what is needed are links requiring human editorial and reviews. No human interaction, simply forget your link. In 2017, search is a conversational digital experience between users and Google or Bing. With the advent of artificial intelligence, your user experience will get you more quality search results and pertinent information.

Link Building & SEO Techniques

Further Link Building Resources

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Link Building & SEO Techniques

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