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2017: More than the Year of Mobile…

What we know… Mobile browsing is booming, as user expectations are higher. It is the most impressive trend of 2016 and 2017. This post is about how to approach mobile search marketing for entrepreneurs and business owners.

The idea behind this page is to show entrepreneurs how important mobile marketing is today and how it is likely to evolve in the near future:

  • Search is a conversational digital experience,
  • Voice is a very important factor to include in your digital strategy,
  • User experience is fully integrated to search marketing,
  • The same way messaging changed our way to communicate, search engine optimization is “search experience optimization”!

Do expect new angles to mobile and search!

Search companies and giants are now getting into artificial intelligence. Contextual phrases and long tail keywords will even be more important as ever before.

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Mobile SEO

Voice Search and Mobile expected to be major trends

With the advent of voice search and devices such Amazon Echo, Google Home and Google Assistant, voice search is the biggest challenge since search engines came out.

Google is currently working on voice coupled with artificial intelligence, as to offer users with a better search experience and give them pertinent results – across all devices. No doubt, this will impact your sales funnel along with your digital marketing action plan.

Voice searches are mainly related with mobile devices, as well as local SEO. With the launch of its AMP format, Google is working hard on its mobile index. It puts the user experience at the forefront of search marketing, along with the speed of your pages and websites.

Voices searches will make new keywords and queries emerge. As they increase, businesses of all size will be impacted in the very near future.

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Mobile SEO

Getting Ready for Voice Search Optimization!

Forget the word “optimization” and go for “search engine user experience” ! This way, you will get your approach to mobile marketing right.

Except for a bespoke user experience on your website, not much has changed. The fundamentals remain unchanged. You will still need to work on keyword researches and website tuning. However, these queries are likely to be more subtle with RankBrain. Voice-search optimized results will be far more pertinent and it will benefit users at all level:

  • Quality,
  • Quantity,
  • Contextual pages in search results…

A premium for users’ satisfaction & experience!
Pertinence is the game changer with machine learning and deep learning.

The magic behind mobile SEO will be:

  • Pertinent keywords and phrases targeted to users and NOT search engines,
  • External backlinks will have to be of great quality,
  • Mobile page speed implies 3 seconds max.,
  • Mobile-friendliness is now even more crucial,

Great and unique content published on a fast-loading and user-friendly website will help improve your ranking in search engines. Growing your business with digital marketing in 2017 means understanding, preparation, brainstorming and in-depth analysis and researches.

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Mobile SEO

What to Expect in Mobile Marketing!

The next blog post will be about the digital trends in mobile usage and search marketing.

How users change the world one mobile device at a time:

  • Google is pushing mobile search like never before,
  • The importance of local searches in mobile marketing is tremendous,
  • Google is after a very personalized search user experience in mobile results,
  • Images and videos are the next big thing in digital marketing,
  • RankBrain, deep learning and machine learning will make voice search a must-have!

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Mobile SEO

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