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Paid Search by Google

PPC vs Organic Search

The purpose of this page is to determine, whether or not Google Adwords advertising is efficient or not.

As True SEO Practitioners, we are somewhat troubled with Google advertising programme. Here is why!

  • Putting your credit card in a system to get clicks is rather non-sense,
  • Selecting the right keywords is vital¬†not to overspend marketing $,
  • How reliable Google Adwords PPC certification is,
  • You putt all your eggs in the same basket:
    • You use Google’s tools,
    • You rely on Google to give you the most pertinent information & results,
    • The service providers are Google certified,

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Paid Search Google (PPC)

Where can Google Adwords be found?

Adwords is about everywhere on the web, from mobile advertising and shopping websites to video ads on YouTube!

We all know, that Google’s business model is based on online advertising. They did a great job, reaching a dominant position. It nearly became a monopoly. Glad to see social networks – including Facebook, Twitter, Linked or Instagram – competing with them.

When you see that some experts charge from $300 to $1.500 per month to handle your PPC campaign, we find it to be a joke! Why is Google Adwords marketplace so popular? Major reasons:

  • It’s quicker than search engine optimization,
  • You can expect business from your campaign overnight,
  • Google Adwords is totally flexible: daily budget, price per keyword, no long-term commitment…

This sounds ideal, doesn’t it?

The trick is that Google Adwords is just auction sales. You’ll find yourself hooked to the system, before you even know it. Just in 2016, just under 1 million of small businesses went bankrupt because of this: real-estate agents, consultants, freelancers and retail stores…

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Paid Search Google (PPC)

Quick Guide to Using Google Adwords the Right Way!

Google Adwords is really worth it in some conditions.

If your digital marketing is only based on PPC, be prepared to pull out money every day – even when you sleep. Giving yourself a budget, sticking to it and checking your ROI are crucial for solo entrepreneurs and small businesses.

When to go for PPC?

Google advertising is worth it in the following 3 circumstances:

  • When you start going online and going after leads, Adwords may be a good leverage for a few weeks,
  • When organizing an event, Google PPC is 100% pertinent¬†and will give you the best value for money,
  • Running a promotion with Google Adwords will also be successful, as it’s limited in time.

You deserve so much better!

Any digital transformation and digital marketing action plan deserve more than Google advertising, unless you don’t offer services and value to your customers. If your business really provides users/buyers with a solution to their problems, then you have to think twice and put digital at the heart of your business development.

This includes the following 8 items:

  • Strategy,
  • Business models,
  • Audience,
  • Marketing,
  • Process,
  • Sales conversion and retention,
  • Budget,
  • Return on investment…

Invest in mid and long-term objectives rather than short-term expenses!

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Paid Search Google (PPC)