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Selomo vs Solomo

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S.E.L.O.M.O. vs S.O.L.O.M.O.

Buzzwords are very trendy in the digital industry, but what’s behind them?

SOLOMO initially created the buzz, just a few years ago. Then, it went flat. Its meaning is Social Local Mobile. Famous start-ups, such as Foursquare & Swarm follow the SOLOMO principles. This takes us back to 2012 & 2015. Since then, the marketing values of running a business locally, socially using mobile internet as a leverage are common practices in the industry.

We all heard of  mobile marketing, mobile search and social engagement. There is much more into mobility than you would expect.

Think Global, Act Local! 

The purpose of this page is to explain the importance of local marketing and mobile devices. The launch of iPhone and Samsung very latest smartphones will even push users’ mobile experience further, including search optimization.

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Selomo vs Solomo

SELOMO Inside!

Going local and digital is very promising, as there is a shift from desktops to mobile devices. Let’s be more practical and run an in-depth analysis.

Search Local Mobile coupled with social are digital marketing game changers. According to Google and experts, the average user spend 177 minutes using mobile devices a day.

What’s new in Mobile Search Marketing?

  • Voice searches are up by 1000%,
  • As a consequence, search queries will use natural language and will be longer,
  • Humans have to assess what artificial intelligence will really bring to search results,
  • Contextual keywords and phrases will be the new thing,
  • RankBrain will improve,
  • Initially, Google’s results may not be up to users’ expectations…

All of this will bring in new business opportunities and new risks, as usual.

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 Selomo vs Solomo

Google My Business for Local & Search Marketing

Mobile marketing is narrowly linked to local SEO. Make the most of Google My Business platform!

Using Google’s platform will allow businesses to get more visibility in local search results, thus increasing your traffic and potential customers. Local queries do represent huge business opportunities for entrepreneurs. Therefore, they should consider and work on them.

Traffic, leads and sales are there!

Local searches will use semantics, natural language and contextual phrases/keywords. Going SELOMO implies to focus on search, local and mobile. How about images and videos? Don’t forget “the social side of things” on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or even Instagram.

Using Google My Business will help you boost your visibility in local search results.  Google My Business will take you to the next level in mobile & local marketing:

  • Help potential customers find you with directions,
  • Google’s platform puts your phone one-click away,
  • Highlight all your information,
  • Don’t neglect reviews & invite customers to leave comments,
  • Reply to all negative reviews in full transparency,
  • Monitor your traffic,
  • Post images and videos on Google My Business…

Google’s Small Business Platform is both SELOMO & SOLOMO. The benefits of the platform are listed here, this will allow business owners to decide.

Register and try out Google’s local marketing solution!

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Selomo vs Solomo

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