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SEO Essentials and Tips

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SEO Essentials & Tips

What to know in 2017

Your 2017 list of 15 Search Marketing & SEO Tips, that will help you!

  1. When publishing on your website, put your visitor first and not Google,
  2. Never play or cheat with Google, as you are likely to pay a high price,
  3. Your website site is a digital tree, search engine & social networks are leaves,
  4. The prime job of a search engine is to provide pertinent results to its users,
  5. Knowing the most popular search queries in your business is key to growth,
  6. Your website performance and structure are very important issues with Google,
  7. How easy is your website to navigate on desktops and mobile devices?
  8. Select the right domain name and stick to it,
  9. Quality Content and Freshness are major SEO factors,
  10. Your authority and online reputation are 2 important factors,
  11. The best way to provide relevant content: Take the pulse of your industry!
  12. Optimize your content again and again: texts, videos, images, links…
  13. SEO Tags are VITAL: page naming, titles tags, description & keywords,
  14. Never underestimate Local Search and Mobile SEO,
  15. Your digital content must be unique, shareable and updated regularly…

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SEO Essentials and Tips

Search is Conversations & Emotions

How To Assess Search Marketing in 2017!

SEO Essentials and Tips

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