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Impact of Social Media Marketing on SEO

How does it affect organic Search Results?

Google’s Position in 2014 about the impact of “social signals” and search engine results.

Are Facebook and Twitter signals part of the Ranking Algorithm? In 2014, the story was not quite clear. To make it simple, the answer was NO. Social media signals do not impact Google’s search results.

Check Google Webmasters YouTube channel !

Social Media Signals vs RankBrain vs Search Ranking in 2017

Social Media vs RankBrain vs Search Ranking in 2017

Would you still believe social media has no impact in 2017? Well, the answer is not still 100% clear, but we are getting signals with RankBrain.

Here is what to know in 2017:

  • Search has now become a conversational digital experience,
  • Google develops algorithms to deliver users with the most pertinent and quality results,
  • Search engine optimization is now search experience optimization!

Google must (somehow) measure human and social engagement. Not taking social signals into consideration would make Google the worst platform to use for web searches.

This is what RankBrain and artificial intelligence are about (partly).

Social media activities must be detected by RankBrain and impact search engine ranking – directly or indirectly. There is no way round it in a social media world. However, Google is bound to keep some of its secrets – or no fun!

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Social Media Signals vs RankBrain vs Search Ranking in 2017

Best Search Marketing Practices

To get an optimal search ranking and web authority, write content for people and not search engines!

In today’s search marketplace, human engagement with content comes first. Posting your content to social platforms is one thing, boosting engagement, comments and shares is the ultimate goal for any digital marketing expert.

A given website will have a higher search ranking in Google providing;

  • It delivers quality content,
  • It has a good (or outstanding) web authority & credibility,
  • The said web content is shared and goes viral on social networks.

All of these can be achieved with a group of quality followers. Once in a while, we come across “so-called influencers” with “so-called followers”. These retweets are no good to your website. They are achieved with tools, such as IFTTT to generate so-called notifications or the well-known Social OOMPH.

Real Twitter Accounts with Zero ROI

Social Media Signals vs RankBrain vs Search Ranking in 2017

These are the type of Twitter Followers you want to Avoid

Social Media Signals vs RankBrain vs Search Ranking in 2017

SEO is easier to perform than getting an engaged community of quality followers to get a proper audience.

Our one and only recommendation is to follow best marketing practices, avoid playing with social networks and never mislead your followers and potential customers.

Do not pretend, simply be yourself!  Pretending to be someone you are not will not take you far. You will waste energy and you will fail.

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Social Media Signals vs RankBrain vs Search Ranking in 2017

Correlation vs Causation

We find it hard to believe that social signals are not considered at all by Google.

True social engagement (not the one shown above) is so hard to get, we are led to believe that there is some kind of relation between social signals and search engine ranking.

Social signals are nearly impossible to “play with”. Google’s latest RankBrain (coupled with AI) is able to rate the quality of digital content and determine how much a specific web page is  “talked about” in social media networks.

Popular content will be noticed by Google and better ranked to provide users with a second-to-none search experience. Human social engagement with content is not ignored by Google. Quality content and engagement will give you quality traffic and qualified sales leads. Don’t go after visitors (tourists) for the sake of it!

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