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SEO Experts with Customer References

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SEO Experts with Customer References

Search Marketing: Customer References, a Must!

Customer Success Stories

We are involved in lead generation to boost customers’ business since 1996.

Do you want the SEO moon?

It doesn’t exist. In search marketing, you have to  to invest 6 or 9 months before you can see tangible results. This is the time it takes for a quality job to be completed.

Whoever says otherwise, run away! 

In today’s competitive world, some digital marketers offer the moon and pretend to be what they have never been and will never be. Customers may get convinced and be stuck with service providers, that aren’t top-gun.

 Here are a few trick to go round it very easily. At 247 Digital, we are fully transparent and we will give you:

  • Customer references,
  • Contact name and email/telephone number,
  • The keywords we worked on for them,
  • This is part of our contractual agreement with our customers.

You may talk to them freely and openly.

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SEO Expert with True Customer References

What else can you do to check on your SEO service provider?

Next in line…your SEO provider’s social media accounts:

  • Check the number of followers,
  • Get into their followers’ list to check whether these are pertinent social media accounts,
  • A social profile must include a name, a website link and nature of business,
  • Double-check the same service provider on LinkedIn and Facebook…

A few tricks to stick to:

  • If you find that posts are retweeted hundreds of times, be aware!
  • If they claim they are “Top Digital Marketing Influencer” without links to famous magazines, forget it…

Digital marketing and SEO have been funny markets over the past few years. 2017 is NO EXCEPTION.

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SEO Expert with True Customer References

30-day Free Trial for all our Digital and SEO Services

SEO providers shouldn’t offer their services for free!

This is what you will find the web, if you search for free SEO services.

This was very true a few years ago. Our job has become harder and more complex in most market segments. Consequently, we decided to offer a free SEO trial with NO down payment.

SEO Expert with True Customer References, click here >>

As digital marketing and search are very time-consuming, we only sell on value rather than price.

Email uk [@] , call +44 208 123 00 78 or contact us 24/7 (reply within hours) !

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