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SEO Minutes: The Truth about Link Building!

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SEO Minutes: The Truth about Link Building!

How Important is Link Building?

The Fine Art of Getting Quality Links

The days of link building have not come to an end as yet, it changed over the past few years. As a matter of fact, linking is still amongst the top 3 ranking factors.

First off, link building has NOTHING to do with “search engine programming”. Search crawlers go from one page to another one, using links. This is SEO obvious!

Search Engine Programming simply does NOT exist. Another digital bullshit that may be found on websites and social media networks.

Google expects you to build quality backlinks, but not with link farms or link buying. Your site or blog will be penalized for this, as this part of Blackhat search practices.

SEO Minutes: The Truth about Link Building!

Link building or backlinks in the SEO jargon refer to quality links, that have relevance to your website, your business, your market and your ecosystem. Those are the links you want to put at the heart of your digital marketing action plan.

What is needed are links requiring human editorial and reviews. No human interaction, simply forget your link. These quality and pertinent links are hard to get and you will have to “sweat” for them.

It is so important, that we built a link building page for you to better understand.
We will explain how to get “human backlinks”.

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SEO Minutes: The Truth about Link Building!

Search Engine Programming vs Conversational Search

Those who come out with ready-made catch phrases, such as Search Engine Programming, are not SEO practitioner!

The difference in a digital bullshit marketer and a digital marketing practitioner is huge. The true meaning of search engine programming can be found on Google. The results listed are self-explanatory!

Search is brain, not low-level marketing techniques!

Keep in mind that search is a “conversational user experience”. The advent of RankBrain with artificial intelligence makes pertinence & contextual phrases even more important.

Save this link, as psychology in search marketing is number one for lead generation, sales closing, retention and user experiencesThis will be covered in our digital psychology section, to be published later in April.

You are a Search Optimization beginner, you may visit these very helpful pages for you to better understand:

Searches send back rich answers to users for a quality search experience. Did you know rich answers were on the rise in Google results?

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SEO Minutes: The Truth about Link Building!


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