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What to Consider for the European Market…

We will not be talking about the EU, but the European Continent as a whole. Even though we are right in the middle of the Brexit talks, Europe offers massive business opportunities.

Are you ready for Europe? This blog post is about getting entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses started in Europe. This page will help you better assess where to go, what to consider and how to run a successful business in the European arena. Selling is one thing, making profits is the name of the game in today’s ever-changing and competitive Europe.

It is not about the UK, there are dozens of countries with different languages and cultures. Marketing is multicultural, only native speakers will be able to do a good job for you. Language nuances and cultural issues are the forefront of your European business expansion. Do get it right!

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SEO Europe : Search Marketing

Where to Go in Europe?

Europe is full of technology and business hubs. However, you have to be smart when expanding in Europe. Here are a few recommendations.

Which Markets to Hit?

The 3 major markets are Germany, Britain and France – followed by Spain & Italy. Europe also has smaller markets with  high net worth individuals: Luxembourg & Switzerland. Scandinavia is also a promising market. Austria, Portugal and Belgium are also worth it.

Eastern Europe is also a big bloc. The Eastern European countries must be approached on a one-by-one basis.

What To Consider

  • Which are the most dynamic economies in Europe?
  • Consider GDP, unemployment rate, political stability & currency issues…
  • As Brexit is unfolding, where to settle down your business?
  • Which are Top Business and Tech Hubs in Europe?
  • Which are the target countries you want to hit in your market segment?
  • Are there specific regulations to consider?
  • Where are the most dynamic cities for your business?
  • How about languages & cultural issues?
  • Do you need local presence or not?
  • Where is the most attractive ecosystem for entrepreneurs & businesses?
  • Where is the best place to raise funds from business angels, investors and private equity?

There are many more questions, that will come up during your brainstorming sessions.

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SEO Europe : Search Marketing

How To Run a Successful Business in Complex Europe

Europe is a complex continent & some countries are more business-friendly than others. How to assess the situation?

From my very personal perspective, France, Spain & Italy are not business-friendly. The ideal business environments are in the UK, Luxembourg and in the Netherlands. They offer business-friendly and dynamic ecosystems for entrepreneurs, start-ups and small businesses.

Thinking of opening offices in Europe? Call us to get advice! As serial entrepreneurs in the EU, we are familiar with tax rates and business environments in Europe. We will guide you through your choices for you to better assess the situation.

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SEO Europe : Search Marketing

How about Exporting using SEO and Digital Marketing?

In today’s fast-space world, going digital allows any entrepreneur to expand business using the internet as a leverage.

What are the specifics of Digital Marketing & International SEO? Undertaking your digital transformation to expand your market shares is a serious business. Lots of questions to ask yourself:

  • Who are your competitors in the region?
  • What are your competitors up-to on the Internet?
  • Who are the social influencers in the region and in your business?
  • How about using Influencer Marketing in your business to leverage your brand?
  • Which are the most appropriate media players for you?
  • Where are the most important small business hubs?
  • Where are the most dynamic cities?
  • Where is the best ecosystem for entrepreneurs?
  • What are the legal implications on products, services and your own business?
  • What is your budget? Do you have proper financials? When is your ROI?…

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SEO Europe : Search Marketing

More of Europe, Business and Technology!

The major business & technology hubs in Europe are Berlin, London and Paris. Let’s review them one by one!

Paris Region, France

Greater London, UK

Berlin, Germany

Page to be completed by end of June 2017

SEO Europe : Search Marketing

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