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Small Business: How To Digital Marketing in 2017

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Small Business: How To Digital Marketing in 2017

Why Small Businesses need Digital Marketing

SEO and Social Media are often Forgotten

Small Business Owners are busy looking after their clients and may not have the budget for Web Marketing Activities.

What You Need To Know…

In Brexit Britain, getting new customers is vital in today’s slowing economy. The Digital Space is a media, that presents tremendous business opportunities. Any entrepreneur should strongly consider a digital transformation in 2017. Why?

Would you like to learn…

  • What people think of your brand?
  • How your business is perceived in the market?
  • What your employees think about your communication?
  • If your website or blog is useless or useful to visitors?
  • If social influencers can help you boost your sales on social networks?
  • If SEO is really getting your competitors any new business?
  • What your competitors are doing when it comes to online?

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Small Business: How To Digital Marketing

Are You a Small Business Owner?

Is Digital Marketing useful for you?

Here are the issues you need to look into, so that you better decide.

  • Is my industry using Web Marketing to boost sales?
  • Do I need new customers?
  • Should I consider a Digital Agency or a DYI solution?
  • In both cases, what is the budget required?
  • Will I get any ROI? When?
  • I am self-employed. Is Digital Marketing worth my time?
  • I run a small business. Who could do my Online Marketing?
  • Will I have enough time to manage Digital and Social Media?

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Small Business: How To Digital Marketing

How To Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing covers a wide spectrum starting with your website, your search engine optimization and your social media presence.

Here is a quick check-list of what needs to be covered and done.

  • Is my website good enough in 2017?
  • Is it optimized for search engines?
  • Is my business present on social networks?
  • Is my website regularly updated with fresh content?
  • What can I write about?
  • Do I need any specific strategy for digital?
  • Will I get new business out of SEO and Social Networks?
  • Will my sales increase or not?
  • Will my profits be affected by the additional digital expenses?
  • Will I understand new technology and digital challenges to decide?

So many questions, so many answers…

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