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Small Business: How To Digital Marketing in 2018

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Small Business: How To Digital Marketing in 2018

Updated 23/09/2017

Small Businesses need Digital Marketing

SEO and Social Media are often Forgotten

Small Business Owners are busy looking after their clients and may not have the budget for Web Marketing Activities.

The purpose of this August 2017 update is to go through the very latest trends and techniques used in the industry. At the end of the day, it is marketing applied to the digital world and in line with your business expectations and strategies. Digital transformation is not driven by technology. It is driven by business common sense and objectives.

What you need To know…

In Brexit Britain, getting new customers is vital in today’s economy. The Digital Space is a media, that presents tremendous business opportunities. Any entrepreneur or small-business owner should strongly consider a digital transformation in 2018. Why?

Would you like to learn…

  • What do people think of your brand?
  • How is your business perceived in the market?
  • What do your employees think about your communication?
  • Is your website or blog useless or useful to visitors?
  • Can social influencers help you boost your sales on social networks?
  • Is SEO really getting your competitors any new business?
  • What are your competitors doing online?

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Small Business: How To Digital Marketing

Are You a Small Business Owner?

Is digital marketing useful for you?

Here are the issues you need to look into, so that you better decide.

  • Is my industry using web marketing to boost sales?
  • Do I need new customers?
  • Should I consider a digital agency or a DYI solution?
  • In both cases, what is the budget required?
  • Will I get any ROI? When?
  • I am self-employed. Is digital marketing worth my time?
  • I run a small business. Who could do my online marketing?
  • Will I have enough time to manage digital and social media?

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Small Business: How To Digital Marketing

Evolution of Digital Marketing as of 09/2017

Digital Marketing is no longer selling your products and services on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter & Co.

Web marketing is about sharing

Marketing is simply about hitting your target audience and getting engaged with them. Sharing pertinent information and giving answers to their questions will build your brand authority and credibility.

Web marketing is far more complex, as it includes search engine optimization, social media networks, social engagement, press relations, word of mouth, advertising, customer reviews, strategic partnerships, and above all the quality of your products & services. At the end of the day, it is about you and your team.

Search Marketing

In 2018, SEO is now Search Experience Optimization with the advent of mobile browsing. Bear in mind that Google will be launching its mobile-first index in 2018. It is a major strategic move for the search company, as desktops and mobiles are now becoming one. Nowadays, users expect a seamless, cross-device and cross-platform unified digital experience.

Getting a high ranking on Google now includes new factors such as user experience, mobile-friendliness, website performance, page speed, along with backlinks and quality of content… Don’t neglect artificial intelligence, voice searches and geolocation, as they are on the rise. 2018 is the year!

There are also other methods to boost your visibility and presence on the internet, whatever your market segment and business size.

Press Relations

Pushing PR will help you leverage your credibility. It will boost your SEO rankings and social media presence. Focusing on SEO and social media marketing will also get you more PR. It is part of a virtuous circle whereby a high-quality marketing strategy will generate qualified sales leads and engagement with clients, business leaders, and mainstream media.

Small Business: How To Digital Marketing

Content is king

In today’s digital industry, content and content marketing are crucial. It provides your community members with relevant, useful and shareable digital content. It comes in different shapes and sizes: articles, white papers, webinars, thought-leadership publications, conferences, exhibitions, and videos.

How long should your content be? The rule is not the length, but its quality and pertinence. However, it is said that long form content gets a better ranking in Google. Dense content (short and informative) gets a better engagement in social media networks, along with infographics and good images.

Social media marketing made human

Behind every single social account, there is a human-being in most cases. As a matter of consequence, don’t pretend and always be yourself on social media networks. Unlike bots, reaching out to the world on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn is dealing with real people. Make the most out of each conversation and relationship!

Building your community online takes time, regularity, engagement and commitment. It has direct consequences on your social signals. These are a game changer to get higher rankings in Google’s SERP, along with pertinent link building and quality content.

Small Business: How To Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is conversation

Whatever the channel or sales funnel, customer engagement is the best way to boost sales in 2017 and 2018. So many small businesses and start-ups face huge challenges to build valuable customer conversations – either on social media or with inbound lead generation. Creating a one-to-one conversational marketing strategy will allow you to learn more about customers’ expectations and facilitate sales retention.

Understanding business from the customer perspective will build most valuable customer relationships and conversations. Because each customer and project are different, being customer-minded is the only way forward in a fast-moving and ever-changing marketplace.

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Market and social listening

Marketing starts with identifying and understanding your target customers and audience. Demographics come into play and have a great role in customer loyalty. Interacting with influencers, readers, partners, and customers will benefit your business. You will be learning about human relationships, behaviors and market needs.

This is when market studies and surveys (online or not) are most useful. As far as “online noises” are concerned, we recommend looking into Sprout Social’s listening platform. It is the greatest tool available to-date. Social media listening and market feedback will help you build better value for your customers.

The one-to-one future imagined by Don Peppers and Martha Rogers is now live in today’s online world, across desktops and mobile devices.

5 Takeaways

  1. Listening is more important than doing.
  2. Users are increasingly relying on conversational queries, and expecting immediate answers.
  3. Voice searches in Mobile SEO on the rise, along with AI.
  4. Behind-the-scenes SEO and marketing enhancements will provide a richer user experience.
  5. A nice user experience will trigger engagement, lead generation & sales revenues.

We will address link building, AI, and  other ranking factors in upcoming publications. Covering SEO and digital marketing in one blog post is impossible.

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Small Business: How To Digital Marketing

How To Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing covers a wide spectrum starting with your website, your search engine optimization and your social media presence.

Here is a quick check-list of what needs to be considered.

  • Is my website good enough in 2017 and 2018?
  • Is it optimized for search engines?
  • Is my business present on social networks?
  • Is my website regularly updated with fresh content?
  • What can I write about?
  • Do I need any specific strategy for digital?
  • Will I get new business from SEO & social networks?
  • Will my sales increase or not?
  • Will my profits be affected by the additional digital expenses?
  • Will I understand new technology and digital challenges to decide?

So many questions, so many answers…Small Business: How To Digital Marketing in 2018

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Small Business: How To Digital Marketing in 2018

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