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The State of SEO in 2018

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The State of SEO in 2018

SEO In 2018

Google Directions in 2018

Anyone who has tried to keep pace with Google, and their ever-changing algorithms, will know how difficult a task this can be.

Even though the past year hasn’t witnessed some of the big changes, and subsequent meltdowns, of the past, there has still been a lot of updates and improvements to the way Google views websites and content.

Updates include:

  • Fred which has seen a crackdown on content which is laden with ads
  • Possum which has transformed local search results
  • Mobile-first indexing which has altered the way sites are indexed

There are so many SEO aspects to consider but you can see why so many people overlook, neglect or forget the technical aspects of SEO. It is often easier to focus on content but there is a lot to be said for maintaining a high standard of technical focus with your SEO approach.

Use Tools for SEO

High Ranking with UX

If you want to stay on top of SEO from a technical viewpoint, you will need a helping hand.

You should look to use tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Yoast SEO plugin and some form of SEO auditing tool.

The results you obtain from these tools will provide you with a good basis in improving the technical status of your site. If you have the budget that will allow you to go more in-depth with your analysis, you should focus on:

  • Finding and correcting errors like 404 and 500 error pages and faulty redirects
  • Undertaking a deeper level of keyword analysis
  • Reviewing the status and relevancy of your links
  • Examine your site for content issues like thin content or duplicate content

Review your competitors and determine if they are doing something right that you can copy. Another area that you want to improve on is with respect to the indexing and crawlability of your site.

If you improve this area, you are helping Google to see and view your site, and this can only be positive for you.

You can help Google and the leading search engines

You will also assist Google by improving the standard of your sitemap navigation. You want to offer an XML sitemap that is up to date, which isn’t too large (you should look to have less than 50,000 URLS while your sitemap should be limited to 10MB.

You also want to unclutter your sitemap as much as you can.

SEO Guidelines for 2018

Best Practices in Search Marketing

2018: Write content for readers and inform them of what your page is all about.

There is also a lot to be said for reviewing your metadata, and some of the key aspects include:

  • The length of your title tag, which should be around 70 characters
  • Title tags which are relevant to your content
  • Title tags which lead with the reverent keyword
  • A title tag which is separate from H1 headline
  • Meta descriptions around 200 characters for desktop and around 170 for mobile use
  • A brief review of what can be found on the page
  • Meta descriptions with one or two keywords that are linked to the title tag
  • Headline tags with one H1 tag on the site
  • H2 tags for sub-headers and different topics
  • The use of further sub-headers (H3 through to H6) for elements within the subheadings

Don’t Neglect Speed

And Mobile Friendliness

User experience and mobile devices are now part of SEO

Another key aspect of your technical SEO is to ensure that you repair broken internal links. If there are external links which are broken, try and contact the site user and request that changes are made.

Other tips to consider include making sure your site is optimized for mobile and if you can, think about how search engines are reacting to the increase in voice searches. You only have to look at options like Siri and Alexa to realize that this is an issue you need to be on top of.

This is an increasingly common way for people to search for information and it is likely to be a big factor in 2018.

2018 looks like being another exciting year and it is fair to say that SEO will likely evolve further. This is why you want to ensure that your business site meets the criteria and expectation of the leading search engines.

As we move towards the end of 2017, this is the ideal time to make changes that will ensure your site is well regarded by the leading search engines.

The State of SEO in 2018

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The State of SEO in 2018

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