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International SEO is more than traditional search. It is driven by multicultural marketing to increase lead generation. | 247 Digital

Guide to e-Exporting 2018

Leverage Business with Digital Export with International SEO Did you know digital marketing is the most cost-effective leverage to get sales and expand internationally? The web offers multiple business opportunities, whatever your business and size. May it be for domestic or international expansion, search engines and social media networks are your gateway to the world [...]

Small Business: How To Digital Marketing in 2017

Updated 17/08/2017 Small Businesses need Digital Marketing SEO and Social Media are often Forgotten Small Business Owners are busy looking after their clients and may not have the budget for Web Marketing Activities. The purpose of this August 2017 update is to go through the very latest trends and techniques used in the industry. At [...]

Quick Read: 15 SEO Tips and Essentials

Search Engine Optimization Tips Quick Read Reading the list of 15 Search Marketing Tips will help you boost your sales revenues from digital platforms and your website. These tricks will generate qualified sales leads for your inbound marketing, whatever your company size or market segment. When publishing on your website, put your visitor first and not [...]

SEO Services for Start-Ups

Start-Up Success Stories Who is Layer Inc. ? Helping technology companies to reach out to the world! Layer is digitizing the customer conversation. Even in a hyper-connected mobile-first world, business remains about people, relationships, and communication. Layer powers conversations of value with APIs, SDKs, UI components and managed infrastructure that enable brands and developers to [...]

Are You Ready To Go Global?

Reach Out To The World Guide to leveraging your business Brexit is to affect the EU and UK businesses, whatever their size. Here is one of the many solutions to deal with 2020's next-generation trade agreements. Going Global means that businesses have to reach out to new markets, business opportunities and customers alike. With Brexit [...]

Get Higher Search Ranking with a SEO Keyword Audit

Keyword Analysis: Competitors! Search Marketing and your Keyword Matrix Check the keywords your competitors are using! Why? Your competitors' keyword analysis will help you get started and will also allow you to have an innovative and different marketing positioning. How To? Conducting a comprehensive keyword research is quite complex and time-consuming, depending on your industry. Some online [...]