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Tips for entrepreneurs on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) from Experts. From basics, ranking to Google RankBrain… | 247 Digital

Follow Google Algo. Updates Live for Higher SEO Ranking

Sticking to Google Algorithm Updates All Year Round? Will your search ranking be better? Are you able to follow the 500 new releases/year of Googlebot? What you are told: Every time Google makes an update to its algorithm, you must update your website accordingly to be successful. What to know: This is false! While you [...]

SEO Experts with Customer References

Search Marketing: Customer References, a Must! Customer Success Stories We are involved in lead generation to boost customers' business since 1996. Do you want the SEO moon? It doesn't exist. In search marketing, you have to  to invest 6 or 9 months before you can see tangible results. This is the time it takes for [...]

Artificial Intelligence means the end of SEO and Social Media!

What is the Score with AI and Social Media? Is Search Optimization dead? Is Social Media out? Is AI taking over SEO and social media?  This is NOT true! This post is about the misunderstanding of AI in the search and social industries. RankBrain - for instance - is designed to bring more value and pertinence to [...]

SEO Minutes: Search is Conversations and Emotions

Search is a Conversational Experience SEO is Emotions With the advent of artificial intelligence, search has now become a digital user experience between readers and Google. So-called Experts sell SEO and Digital Marketing like Search Programming Services. This is digital bullshit, as AI (RankBrain) takes search marketing to the next level: conversations & emotions. Ready [...]

WE Reading: Guide to Link Building!

Is Link Building Important in SEO? SEO requires backlinks to your website! Backlinks will build your brand recognition, credibility and mainly your domain authority. Here is a quick guide with winning techniques to get high-quality backlinks from business leaders and mainstream media. The journey to successful link building is also available in PDF >> Email uk [...]

Does Google My Business Get it Wrong?

Google My Business for Local SEO One of Your SEO Essentials RT: RT iMariaJohnsen: #GoogleMyBusiness displays the wrong photo for my #business We contacted Google for years &… — Mobile gaming world (@Worldgaminn) April 20, 2017 Google My Business got increased visibility, since it placed local listings in organic results. There are now [...]

SEO Minutes: The Truth about Link Building!

How Important is Link Building? The Fine Art of Getting Quality Links The days of link building have not come to an end as yet, it changed over the past few years. As a matter of fact, linking is still amongst the top 3 ranking factors. First off, link building has NOTHING to do with [...]

Seasonal Marketing: 7 tips to plan your campaigns

Seasonal Trends impact your Website Traffic What there is to know... All brands will agree: consumers adopt a different mindset, depending on the time of the year. As Christmas, Valentine's Day and Summer Holidays get closer, brands have to adapt their marketing to address  consumers. Whatever the products or services, all companies can benefit from seasonal marketing: [...]