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Tech Cities 2018: Fresh Digital Thinking

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Tech Cities 2018: Fresh Digital Thinking

Tech Cities in The World

Europe, USA and Asia

There are many reasons why the city itself has a big impact on the tech sector and for the industries that operate in it, including:

  • Cities play a big role in drawing talent to an area
  • The affordability and what a city has to offer is crucial for people and companies
  • The sense of a hub and community drives the industry on

Some of the most important aspects that combine to determine whether a city is right for the tech sector or not, include:

  • Business environments such as the cost of doing business and the ability to start a business and the level of investment in an area
  • Tech environments such as the level of engagement with the tech sector and what the size and value of the tech sector is
  • The buzz of an city which draws people in
  • The talent pool of an area and this can be impacted upon by the local educational options, The cost of renting property and the cost of property for employees

Tech Cities 2018: Fresh Digital Thinking

Leading Technology Hubs

Best Tech Hubs for 2018

Some of the leading cities in the world for tech include:

  • Berlin
  • London
  • San Francisco
  • New York
  • Copenhagen
  • Singapore

All of these cities score highly on many of the key attributes needed for tech companies to flourish, making them perfect locations for tech firms. Tech Cities 2018: Fresh Digital Thinking

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Tech Cities 2018: Fresh Digital Thinking

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