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Why Silicon Beach, Los Angeles Is Doing Well

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Why Silicon Beach, Los Angeles Is Doing Well

Top 5 High-Tech Cities in the World

Hollywood isn’t the only industry in LA

Over the past few decades, Los Angeles acquired a proven-track record of success. The movie industry is not the only dynamic sector in the area.

Attracting talents and keeping them is what Los Angeles is very good at. As part of my business trip to Los Angeles (end of 2017), I will be writing a few blog posts for various reasons:

  1. Share the latest news with you,
  2. Inform you about our plans in Los Angeles,
  3. Get higher ranking in Google’s results.

The LA County Economic Development Corporation knows what it is doing. Led by Mayor Eric Garcetti, it is the marketing arm of  the city. LACEDC’s mission is to attract foreign direct investors (FDI), entrepreneurs, talents, businesses and investors – all in a very business-friendly ecosystem.

LA County Economic Development latest reports for 2018 show that nothing really changed, since I left Santa Monica to move back to Paris and London. Only one-hour away from San Francisco, Los Angeles always wanted to become a prosperous Tech Hub for start-ups.

Why Silicon Beach, Los Angeles Is Doing Well

Silicon Beach was born…

It is the name given to the start-up area in Venice Beach, Play Vista, Playa Del Rey, and Santa Monica. Silicon Beach is located in the west of  Los Angeles. There are about 600 to 800 technology companies: Snap, Dollar Shave Club, Vroozi, SpaceX, Aplify.LA, and many others.

1. It started from scratch in 2014. Los Angeles now ranks 18th among the nation’s top 25 tech cities, according to 2017’s Cushman & Wakefield study.

2. LA. is also number 4 in the world’s high-tech cities (just behind London’s Tech City), as per 2017’s World Economic Forum report.

3. The medium-term business plan of Los Angeles is to push CleanTech, Biosciences, Creative Design, Entertainment, and Information Technology.

As a conclusion, Los Angeles is set to win in 2018. “The world’s  innovation ecosystem attracts  talents, businesses and private equity firms”, as shown in the City Momentum Index.

Source: JLL

Why Silicon Beach, Los Angeles Is Doing Well

International Trade Made in Los Angeles

The Port of Los Angeles and the Port of Long Beach are synonym for import & export.

In today’s business world, growth is global and digital. As Los Angeles is getting ready to host the 2028 Olympic Games, no doubt the event will drive economic growth in all market segments, starting with Silicon Beach in California. After 1984, the City of Angels is set to make the most out it to boost its technology sector for years to come.

Business and fame are in Los Angeles’ DNA

With its 160.000 employees in the international trade sector, Los Angeles is the biggest import/export hub in the region. Studies, forecasts and market trends all show growth for today, tomorrow and after-tomorrow.

You may find out more about international business from the LA economic development website.


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Why Silicon Beach, Los Angeles Is Doing Well

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